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Metropolis is OK 2017

St. John's Centre, Old Town Hall, Club Parlament, 14-12-2017 - 30-12-2017

Metropolis is OK 2017

12 Baltic Meetings Illustrators

Old Town Hall, 26-10-2017 - 08-12-2017

12th Baltic Meetings of Illustrators. POLISH PICTURE BOOK. more


BSCC – Old Town Hall, Wybrzeże Theatre, ŻAK Club,, 15-01-2016 - 25-01-2016

RE: IRENEUSZ IREDYŃSKI Art Critique Workshop (Department of Polish Studies of the University of Gdańsk) in conjunction with the Contemporary Polish Drama Research Centre (Department of Literature Research of PAN) and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk, with the participation of Wybrzeże Theatre and Żak Club are pleased to invite you to attend the events as part of the project titled: RE: Ireneusz IREDYŃSKI more

Anna Janko in The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

Ratusz Staromiejski, 11-03-2015

Anna Janko - writer and poet, nominated twice for the NIKE Literary Award - will meet with readers on the occasion of the premiere of her latest book  „Mała zagłada” (“Little Apocalypse”). The discussion with the writer will be moderated by Krystyna Chwin. more

Reading Pomerania. Library. First meeting: Stefan Chwin.

Old Town Hall, 23-09-2014

 Reading Pomerania. Library.  First meeting: Stefan Chwin. We are inaugurating the series of meetings devoted to the Pomeranian writers and their private libraries. The writers will talk on the idea of collecting the books, the logic behind creating the collections and their most precious positions. Each talk will be accompanied by projection of a movie chosen by the writer, with an introduction on the subject of its more or less obvious realtionships with the literature. more

Promotion of the book by Magdalena Grzebałkowska

Old Town Hall, 18-03-2014

Promotion of the book by Magdalena Grzebałkowska Meeting with Magdalena Grzebałkowska, the author of the book Beksińscy. Portret podwójny

Evening of Wiesław Nowicki poetry

Ratusz Staromiejski, 28-06-2013

"Wiersze gostomskie" (Gostomskie poems) read by Wanda Neumann and Jaroslaw Tyranski
Ewelina Nowicka on violin more

The Gdańsk Meetings of Literary Translators “Found in Translation”

Gdańsk, 25-04-2013 - 27-04-2013

The Gdańsk Meetings of Literary Translators “Found in Translation” The Gdańsk Meetings of Literary Translators “Found in Translation” is an intervention project which is supposed to establish a platform for fascinating discussions with translators, writers and readers. Our aim is to promote culture-forming role of literary translators, but also to expand common knowledge concerning the art of translation. In the contemporary globalized reality, translating often goes beyond tight constrictions of translating texts and becomes an important device in building knowledge about the world, other societies and cultures. This is well recapitulated by Ryszard Kapuściński, who saw “the 21th century man” in a translator: Translating a text, we open up a new world for the Other; we translate, and translating, we make it closer, we let others be in it, and make it a part of our own experience. How, then, the translator’s effort broadens our horizons, deepens our cognition and knowledge, and enlivens our sensitivity. more

Metropolis Is Okey -Program

Parlamet Ucho Sfinks Żak Cetrum św. Jana, 26-12-2012 - 30-12-2012


Metropolis Is Okey Festival is an annual event organised by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre showcasing the local art of the three neighbouring cities forming cultural metropolis. Below you can find the program for days of concerts, exhibitions and dance theater perfromances. 


Meeting with Magdalena Parys

Old Town Hall in Gdansk, 20-01-2012

We cordially invite you to the meeting with Małgorzata Parys - author of the book TUNEL. Małgorzata Żerwe will conduct the meeting. Andrzej Pieczyński will read fragments of the novel.
Admission: free

Promotion of the book written by Helena Zawistowska

Old Town Hall in Gdansk, 02-01-2012

We invite you to the promotion of the book of Helena Zawistowska entitled Od Willi po Uklę, which has been published on the occasion of the 90.birthday of the writer. 
It was indelible time of the summer holiday in Vilnius in the 20s and the 30s of the twentieth century.
Halina Winiarska will read fragments of the book
Władysław Zawistowski will conduct the meeting
Start: 5.00pm
Admission: free

Metropolis is Okey! LITERATURE

Old Town Hall in Gdansk, Gdansk 2016, 27-12-2011 - 29-12-2011

Beside various concerts and performances literary meetings constitute significant part of our Festival. We recommend you encounter with journalists and editors of artistic quarterly Bliza entitled Contemporary rituals and meeting with Magdalena Grzebałkowska – author of the book  Priest Paradox and also theatre – cabaret improvising by group W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani.

Metropolis is Okey

Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, 26-12-2011 - 30-12-2011

This is the fifth edition of our Festival Metropolis is Okey. The Festival venues are: club "Parlament"  in Gdańsk, club " Sfinks 700" in Sopot, club " Ucho" in Gdynia, the seat of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre - the Old Town Hall, St. John's International Cultural Centre, and the seat of Gdańsk 2016.

The Festival will take place between 26th and 29th December and we shall see over 50 performances of local bands and exclusive presentation of dance theatres performing at St. John's International Cultural Centre. The Festival includes "literary meetings" with authors crowned with a performance of "Impro" theater-cabaret improvising group " W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani" . But it is not all... This year we shall introduce dj's night reviewing club scene as a part of our Festival on 27th December in "Sfinks 700" and "Flea Market" presenting works of the Tri City recording studios.


Promotion of the book "Gdańskie Spichlerze" written by Andrzej Januszajtis

Old Town Hall in Gdansk, 16-12-2011

 We invite you to the promotion of the book Gdańskie spichlerze - piękno zapomniane written by Andrzej Januszajtis.
Start: 6.00pm
About the book:
The newest publication of famous enthusiast of Gdansk consists of two parts. In the first section he describes a story of Gdansk' s district - Spichlerze. He shows pictures and depictions, which testify to historical beauty of that area. He also criticizes the newest architectural visions, which contrast with reconstructed Długie Pobrzeże across the river. 3 maps and 16 ilustrations are complement of the book.
Second part consists of 30 pictures with captions, which show extraordinary beauty of Gdansk's garners. Apparently these are only utility buildings, majority of them were destroyed during World War II. The colorful pictures in album have specific value - the garners seems to be wonderful. This album will delight every admirer of Gdansk's historical beauty.
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