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Heritage and Waterfront Regeneration - seminar

St. John's Centre, 31-08-2017 - 01-09-2017


10th Festival of World Cultures "Window onto the World"

St. John's Centre, Old Town Hall, 13-07-2017 - 16-07-2017


Shared History

St. John's Centre, 19-06-2017 - 20-06-2017

For centuries Gdańsk has owed its development and beauty to many foreigners arriving from faraway regions: the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, France and other places. They were representatives of various religions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism… Today might be called immigrants or refugees. They settled here, using their talents and abilities in the service of the city. Hundreds of these “single narratives” of newcomers and long-established residents of Gdańsk have blended together to form a unique architectural and intellectual structure of the city. Following the ravages of World War II, new residents arrived from various regions of Poland – also those just torn away from the Polish territory. These new arrivals largely built the city from scratch.  more

Chopin Impressions – ballet performance

St. John's Centre, 30-07-2016 - 31-07-2016

Chopin Impressions – ballet performance Visit St. John's Centre on 30 and 31 July to see the first performance of a two-act ballet to F. Chopin's music. The performance was composed for the 18th edition of Chopiniada as a follow-up of those created yearly since 1999 by the Chopiniada Foundation of Krystyna Biegańska. The performance starts at 7:00 p.m. Tickets: PLN 15

Available in Riff store in Gdańsk (al. Grunwaldzka 355), at kupbilecik.pl and at the entrance, one hour before the performance. more

Festival "Sounds of the North"

St John’s Centre, BSCC – Old Town Hall, 13-07-2016 - 17-07-2016

The Festival is prestigiousproject of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, the event that has a still place in the cultural calendar of Gdansk and on the folk map of Poland. It presents most outstanding artists, the representatives of musical tradition of the Baltic Sea, varied in style and interchangeably defining particular cultural idioms. In fact, renaissance of the contemporary „folk” music is closely connected with the need of finding one’s own roots, reviving of the sources and strengthening regional and national individuality. The „Northern” plot of the Festival is rare in this kind of events in Poland, what effects in original climate, which is appreciated by audience and musicians.

JAMM' ART - a 72 hours on-line discussion - "Are artists and intellectuals obliged to engage in society and politics today?"

St John’s Centre, 27-04-2016 - 30-04-2016

JAMM' ART - a 72 hours on-line discussion - "Are artists and intellectuals obliged to engage in society and politics today?" Borrowing the concept from the jazz world, a Jam Session is an event, a web site, an open space, a tool, a discussion and more all wrapped into a 72-hour exchange of ideas on issues that are relevant for people.

First performance of “The Passion” by Rafał Kłoczko

St John’s Centre, 05-03-2016

First performance of “The Passion” by Rafał Kłoczko The composition, the libretto for which was written by Maja Baczyńska, is an attempt to look at the Passion from the perspective of the people who found themselves by Jesus' side in His last way. The principal character is the Mother, whose love and suffering are the most intense, although the disciples are also noteworthy. Peter's dilemmas, John's deep faith and the tragic character of Judas are vividly depicted using word and sound. The lyrical language enriched with poems by Rev. Jan Twardowski makes the listeners to reflect on the sense of suffering and enables them to identify with different attitudes that can be taken by a mere helpless observer of the events leading up to the inevitable death of a loved one. The whole is enhanced by incredible music, emphasising the universal message and leaving a lasting impression on the listener. more

"On the Track of Gdańsk Scientists" / Gdańsk Science Festival

Square in front of the Old Town Hall, 28-01-2016

The projections titled “On the Track of Gdańsk Scientists” will present a 5-minute summary of the history of scientists who lived in Gdańsk. Among those shown on the Old Town Hall building will be Johannes Hevelius, Daniel Fahrenheit, Arthur Schopenhauer and many other famous thinkers. more


BSCC – Old Town Hall, Wybrzeże Theatre, ŻAK Club,, 15-01-2016 - 25-01-2016

RE: IRENEUSZ IREDYŃSKI Art Critique Workshop (Department of Polish Studies of the University of Gdańsk) in conjunction with the Contemporary Polish Drama Research Centre (Department of Literature Research of PAN) and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk, with the participation of Wybrzeże Theatre and Żak Club are pleased to invite you to attend the events as part of the project titled: RE: Ireneusz IREDYŃSKI more

Sea of letters – 10 Baltic Meetings of Illustrators

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre – Old Town Hall , 01-10-2015 - 21-10-2015


Ocean Feeling - performance - The Baltic House Lab 2015

Nabrzeże Zbożowe, Nowy Port , 17-09-2015

Transgression of physical and social condition is the core of the performance, happening once through unlimited expression of narcissism, once through actualization of initiation ritual and in both cases leads to bringing out the potential of community and even to the potential unity with the outside world. more

Baltic Sea Cultural Gathering: The Cultural Innovations LAB: 4BalticS

BSCC – Old Town Hall, 17-09-2015 - 18-09-2015

The experts and participants are asked to base their answers to this question on concrete cases and tools in the context of the five themes of the conference i.e. Culture & Social Innovation, Culture & Education, Culture & Sustainability, Culture & Entrepreneurship, Culture & Smart Cities. more

Conference „Culture as a driving force for social and economic development of the Baltic Sea Region”

Gdańsk, 16-09-2015 - 17-09-2015

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland cordially invites all cultural practitioners from the Baltic Sea Region for the Baltic Sea Cultural Gathering that will be held from the 15th to the 18th of September in Gdańsk. The Gathering will be organized as a main event of the Polish Presidency in CBSS within the framework of the “Creativity” priority. more

Think Tanks - The Baltic House Lab 2015

Żabi Kruk - water tram stop, 12-09-2015 - 26-09-2015