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Exhibition "Look! Polish Picture Book" in Bergen

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, 29-10-2018 - 08-11-2018

Exhibition "Look! Polish Picturebook" in Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Photoreport from the 34th Festival "Sounds of the North"

Centrum św. Jana, 11-07-2018

Photoreport from the 34th Festival "Sounds of the North" We invite you to see the gallery of photos from the 34th Festival Sounds of the North

Photos by Anna Rezulak

Heritage and Waterfront Regeneration - seminar

St. John's Centre, 31-08-2017 - 01-09-2017


Shared History

St. John's Centre, 19-06-2017 - 20-06-2017

For centuries Gdańsk has owed its development and beauty to many foreigners arriving from faraway regions: the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, France and other places. They were representatives of various religions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism… Today might be called immigrants or refugees. They settled here, using their talents and abilities in the service of the city. Hundreds of these “single narratives” of newcomers and long-established residents of Gdańsk have blended together to form a unique architectural and intellectual structure of the city. Following the ravages of World War II, new residents arrived from various regions of Poland – also those just torn away from the Polish territory. These new arrivals largely built the city from scratch.  more

11. Baltic Meetings of Illustrators

BSCC – Old Town Hall, 13-05-2016 - 08-06-2016

11. Baltic Meetings of Illustrators The upcoming edition of the Meetings will feature an international exhibition titled "It’s Always Tea-Time" inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". more

"On the Track of Gdańsk Scientists" / Gdańsk Science Festival

Square in front of the Old Town Hall, 28-01-2016

The projections titled “On the Track of Gdańsk Scientists” will present a 5-minute summary of the history of scientists who lived in Gdańsk. Among those shown on the Old Town Hall building will be Johannes Hevelius, Daniel Fahrenheit, Arthur Schopenhauer and many other famous thinkers. more

Contact Point - EXHIBITION

St John’s Centre, 06-12-2015 - 16-01-2016

Exhibition of Interdepartmental Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) w Gdańsk as part of the 70th anniversary of ASP in Gdańsk. more

Around Klimt - EXHIBITION

BSCC – Old Town Hall, 20-11-2015 - 10-12-2015

“Art Noveau” (France), “Modern Style” (England), “Jugend Stil” (Germany), but also Flemish contemptuous name “Paling Stijl” (eel style) – these are some examples picturing the scope of this trend which since 1900 spread across Europe and other continents. more

The Baltic House Lab - EXHIBITION

St John’s Centre, 04-09-2015 - 27-09-2015

Baltic House Lab 2015 is an international culture project consisting of the main exhibition and interdisciplinary accompanying events. The main exhibition arranged in St. John’s Gothic church displays works of Polish artists alongside artists from the Baltic Sea Countries. The accompanying events are planned to neighbour water-tram stops in Gdańsk. more

The Baltic House Lab 2015 - calendar of events

Gdańsk, 04-09-2015 - 27-09-2015

Baltic House Lab 2015 is the international culture project consisting of the main exhibition and the interdisciplinary accompanying events. Countries in the Baltic Sea contribute to region’s rich history, traditions, culture and are share common experience resulting from social and economic changes; often there are common issues calling for attention.

Night of Museum at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

Gdańsk, 17-05-2014

We live in a world that can be described by four dimensions, three of them describe the space and they are: length, width and height, while the fourth dimension is time. Space and time are closely related and form a so-called space-time, which is a set of events occurring in a particular place and time.

Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, and it seems to us that time passes uniformly everywhere. In fact time is relative and dependent on space.
Spacetime is also the universe surrounding us. Before the Big Bang spacetime as we know has not existed. How was it born ?

This year's Night of Museums in the Old Town Hall and St. John International Culture Center will be devoted to space-time. We will offer you a journey into the past, experimenting with time, as well as discovering the space. And both the architectural and perceived as something limitless, incomprehensible, cosmic ... We will also show the space that have not happened remaining only in the realm of the imagination.

The spirit of Johannes Hevelius will take care over our actions

Short films festival- The One Minutes -the final gala

NCK - Centrum św. Jana, 10-10-2013

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre has the pleasure to invite you to the final gala of the 8th edition of "The One Minutes" festival.
The festival is the Polish edition of the world-wide  festival reaching over hundred countries and coordinated by TOM Foundation in Amsterdam "The One Minutes". The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk has organized the Polish edition of the festival since 2006. The international movement  "The One Minutes" has become the brand for short film forms lasting exactly one minute. more

8. The One Minutes - Festival of One Minute Movies and Forms - call for entries

Gdańsk, 01-06-2013 - 20-08-2013

Do you have an idea for a movie ? You have been thinking to realize it for a long time ? Don't linger.

We are waiting for your one minutes mini-production ! more

Solidarity with Belarus

University of Gdansk, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Club Buffet, 21-03-2013 - 23-03-2013

Solidarity with Belarus Action "Solidarity with Belarus" has already grown into the program of cultural events in Gdansk. This year edition is going to take place under a shared slogan "Independent culture of Belarus" . The events within this action will take place at the University of Gdansk, at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre and club Buffet.

The date for this action, the weekend between 21-st and 23-rd of March has been chosen purposely. This date relates to the date of establishing Belarus People's Republic, considered to be marking the beginning of Belarusian  state. Today, celebrating the beginning of Belarusian Republic is forbidden by dictatorial  government of Alexander Lukaszenko, and the events organized around "Solidarity with Belarus" are meant to remind present political situation in Belarus.

But Belarus is not just dictatorship. In this year, directed by the slogan "Independent culture of Belarus", we want to introduce audience in Gdansk to independent Belarusian artists creating despite the regime.

On 21-st of March at University of Gdansk Library Conference Hall, a debate devoted to Belarusian engaged culture will take place. Among the guests of the debate are the painter Nika Sandros, Belarusian culture manger in Poland: Igor Znyk and the singer of FolkRoll band: Nasta Nikrasava. The debate will be lead by Pawel Pieniazek( Krytyka Polityczna). The debate will be accompanied by screening of a documentary about the performance of Pawel Althamer ( 2012), the video of legendary Belarusian band NRM Pramien ( shot at the performance) and the newest movie about young rock music in Belarus "Language. Music. Youth."

On 22-nd of March, at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre the works of Niki Sandros- "Scraches"-will be displayed-she is a Belarusian painter, blogger and an activist, and a concert of FolkRoll and Nasta Niakrasava will take place. The band is creating using authentic recordings from Belarusian village. In 2009 the band was awarded Grand Prix at XII Folk Festival of Polish Radio Nowa Tradycja. FolkRoll is a project of a guitarist and composer Pawel Ryzykowski and a singer Nasta Niakrasava, known to wider public form project R.U.T.A.

On 23-rd of March, in the historic Gdansk Shipyard at club Buffet two bands are going to perform: a charismatic band Hrotnica- joining elements of ska, jazz and classical music, and :B:N: ( no name ), a band performing alternative rock, presenting itself to Polish public at Basowiszcza( Grodek, Poland 2012 - winner of competition), Union of Rock ( Wegorzewo, Polnad 2006), IV Flader Pop Festival ( Gdansk, Poland 2006) and Festiwal of Rock Music in July 2011.

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