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Artist in Wonderland

"Artist in Wonderland" is a publication accompanying the exhibition of international contemporary art with the same title, which took place in the Tricity within 27.10 - 16.12.2007.

The book contains 5 essays, bringing together the various disciplines of the humanities and art written by authors from different European countries. The texts are published in two languages: Polish and English. The book is richly illustrated with examples of works of art from around the world - the artists participating in the exhibition "The Artist in the Wonderland".
The book refers to the fairy-tale reality - Fairyland. What is for us today "wonderland" when Entrapment by the media and new technologies we can not imagine it, just create your world, in addition to a remix of contemporary culture? The book attempts to define the role of the artist in contemporary reality, scratching geofrafii art. How art can influence the shape of contemporary reality, and how much is just a gesture of Alice, przymknięciem eyes and remoteness to Fairyland, where wszsytko is likely(...)?