Astrid Lindgren - Barwy świata dzieciństwa
Astrid Lindgren - Barwy Świata dzieciństwa - Maryla Hempowicz

In the title of the session - and yet the book - lay the hope that the work's world-renowned Swedish writer, will appear in the full range of color. And so it happened ... The variety of looks and problems is the value of cognitive and educational materials. They are an interesting example of how to combine science with the relationship of educators from elementary schools or information about the reception of that author's books and the conclusions of the investigator's natural child.

Subtitle: Proceedings of the literary session, Gdańsk 7-8 November 1996
Edition (No.): first
Place and year of publication: Gdańsk, 1998
ISBN 83-902090-9-8
176 pages, binding: painted cardboard