27-29 12.2011

Metropolis is Okey! LITERATURE

Old Town Hall in Gdansk, Gdansk 2016

Beside various concerts and performances literary meetings constitute significant part of our Festival. We recommend you encounter with journalists and editors of artistic quarterly Bliza entitled Contemporary rituals and meeting with Magdalena Grzebałkowska – author of the book Priest Paradox and also theatre – cabaret improvising by group W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani.


27 December 2011

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, the Old Town Hall, Korzenna 33/35

Start: 6.00 pm

Admission: free

Contemporary rituals: meetings with authors of quarterly Bliza



28 December 2011

GDANSK 2016, 39/40 Długi Targ str.,  Gdansk

Start: 6.00 pm

Admission: free

Meeting with Magdalena Grzebałkowska, author of the book Priest Paradox

will be conducted by Dorota Karaś (Gazeta Wyborcza)


We all heard about priest Twardowski, but we know nothing much about him. How he really was? Magdalena Grzebałkowska, who found unknown  notes of priest is trying to answer this question.

Thanks to her book we can get to know a man, who was full of contraries. Why he felt lonely, although so many people were around him? Why as many of his friends were women? Did contacts with SB really disturb his image? Why he all the time was looking for a confirmation of his abilities?


Priest Paradox  is an extraordinary story of  man, who can not be identified with any schemes of thinking. You can read about his youth, early days of his popularity and the last  mysterious years of his life.


You can read more here: www.znak.com.pl



29 December 2011

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Old Town Town - Gdansk

Start: 6:00 pm

Admission: free

W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani


W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani is the improvising group from the Tricity. 


We are from the Wybrzeżak Theatre. Our performances are improvising, their plot is based on ideas of spectators. We will create tragicomic performance about writers, who would like to be both remarkable and wealthy. This is only beginning of the story. Another details will be dependant on imaginativeness and malice of spectators. The audience will decide, who will be the best writer, whom they will love and whom they will hate, whom they will admire and with whom they will compete.

If you like free and frivolous humor, absurdity combined with serious or even sensational climate, or if you just want to find out, that creating of 90 minutes live performance is possible – then come and get into the swing of it.

W Gorącej Wodzie Kompani are inviting you for improvising performance, full of letters, ambition and distrust entitled Salonik Literacki Wolumin