02 01.2012

Promotion of the book written by Helena Zawistowska

Old Town Hall in Gdansk

We invite you to the promotion of the book of Helena Zawistowska entitled Od Willi po Uklę, which has been published on the occasion of the 90.birthday of the writer. 


It was indelible time of the summer holiday in Vilnius in the 20s and the 30s of the twentieth century.


Halina Winiarska will read fragments of the book

Władysław Zawistowski will conduct the meeting


Start: 5.00pm

Admission: free


Halina Zawistowska writes mainly books for children, fabulous tales like Astrolog Bum i dobry diabeł Tot, Łuk Karakamby, W państwie podziemnego Gnoma, O zaginionych żeglarzach i latającej szafie, Tajemnica zatopionej wyspy i inne baśnie… 


About book:

The author reminisces period of early childhood,places where she spent the first ages of her life and idyllic holidays.She uses not only her own memory but also documents, photos and reports of her lovely brother Jerzy.She describes years spent on Połocka street in Vilnius, summer camps, old courts, guest houses at the big lakes and lost among forests. Jewish towns, Russian Orthodox villages and backwaters - these places keeps specific atmosphere of the eastern  lands - the area of eternal languor.