28 06.2013

Evening of Wiesław Nowicki poetry

Ratusz Staromiejski

"Wiersze gostomskie" (Gostomskie poems) read by Wanda Neumann and Jaroslaw Tyranski
Ewelina Nowicka on violin

People of theater and art will speak about Wieslaw Nowicki

Beginning : 18:00
Admission: Free

Patronage : Wieslaw Nowicki Foundation

Wieslaw Nowicki , born in 1946, died in 2012 in Gdansk-an actor, a director, an author of adaptations for theater, a journalist and a poet.

A graduate of National High School of Theater and Film in Lodz. He acted with Cywińska, Hebanowski, Major and he directed himself in theaters in Elblag, Koszlin and Gorzow. He was working with Teatr Wybrzeze since 1973 not only as an actor, but also as literary secretary of Stanislaw Hebanowski. Together with his wife Wanda Neuman he established Teatr na Przymorzu, a theater addressed mostly to younger public. In 80-ties he was a literary director of Miniatura theater in Gdansk, a literary consultant of theaters in Koszalin, Grudziadz and Bydgoszcz. He has created many television shows, such as "Salon artystyczny Wieslawa Nowickiego", "Twarze" and "Musica noster amor", focused on culture themes where he interviewed music scene artists for Television in Gdansk.  He has left many reflections and a part of it he has published. Owing to kindness of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre a book of poems by Wieslaw Nowicki will be presented to public. Those poems are devoted to themes of Pomerania and Kashubia.