18 03.2014

Promotion of the book by Magdalena Grzebałkowska

Old Town Hall

Meeting with Magdalena Grzebałkowska, the author of the book Beksińscy. Portret podwójny

Moderation: Dorota Karaś

"This is not a book about a well-known and trendy painter, who painted strange and thrilling pictures. This is not a book about his dark son, who was fascinated with death and who tried to commit suicide for so long, until he succeeded. Neither a book about obsessions, phobias and artistic craze. Neither about a careers, money, exhibitions and critics. It is not a book about unusual relationships, fascinations with music and movies and new technologies. It is not even a book about the people who had written many letters.

This is a book about love- about searching for it and being unable to express it. And about loneliness- so big that it becomes the wall that cannot be penetrated. About the fact that sometimes we want so much but we cannot come out. About the fact that life resembles death and death resembles life. "

START: 18:00