23 09.2014

Reading Pomerania. Library. First meeting: Stefan Chwin.

Old Town Hall

First meeting is with Stefan Chwin.

The movie surprise: What reading can you find on the backseat of a New York taxi.

Stefan Chwin says:

Books in our apartament are everywhere, even in the kitchen. The layers grew over the years, so they are the picture of our maturing. In there you can even find those books that I dug up in my childhood, from the hills of books and old German prints in the underground of my family house. There is a separate place for the "black books"- those dangerous, vicious and hostile. For example, a couple of shelves devoted to the books on suicide that I collected in many bookshops of the world and Mein Kampf and a book about Hitler. Shining the bright light are the books with autographs and dedications from great writers, most of all from Czesław Miłosz, Wisława Szymborks, Zbigniew Herbert, Miron Białoszewski. I also collect old maps of Gdańsk, Europe and the world, collections of photographs, documents and letters, without those I can not imagine any real library. As a part of the library I consider my collection of minerals, fossils and shells, this collection can be read like a book on the dark misteries of the Earth.

Start: 6:00 p.m.
Admission: Free