11 03.2015

Anna Janko in The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

Ratusz Staromiejski

We would like to invite you for a meeting with Anna Janko.
The meeting’s moderator: Krystyna Chwin.

Anna Janko - writer and poet, nominated twice for the NIKE Literary Award - will meet with readers on the occasion of the premiere of her latest book  „Mała zagłada” (“Little Apocalypse”). The discussion with the writer will be moderated by Krystyna Chwin.

In „Mała zagłada” Janko recalls the tragic story of her family, which took place on 1 June 1943 in the village Sochy near Zamosc. Within a couple of hours the village ceased to exist. The buildings were burned. The inhabitants were shot. Among the rubble left there were one house, a few adults and several children, one of them nine years old Terenia Ferenc, Anna Janko’s mother.

START: 6 p.m.