14-30 12.2017

Metropolis is OK 2017

St. John's Centre, Old Town Hall, Club Parlament

Metropolis is OK 2017

The festival Metropolis is Okey this year celebrates its 11th birthday. When we started in 2007, the time between Christmas and New Year was "empty" - not much happened in the Tri-City... But from year to year the situation changed, also thanks to our Metropolis..., and now the audience can choose in the proposals. So it is time to reformulate the idea of the event and promote it on an even larger scale, also outside the Tri-City region. The development of the Festival brand requires time to acquire new partners, funding and new rules. Will it continue to take place in the last days of the year? We will see.

This year, all festival events will take place only in Gdańsk. During this edition, the organizers prepared the following events:

  •     Meeting with one book (27.12)
  •     Theater spectacles (27.12 and 29.12)
  •     Club concerts (28.12)
  •     Exhibition entitled On the road... (14.12 - 7.01.2018)
  •     Classical music concerts and awards ceremony of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship (28.12)
  •     Concert in Radio Gdańsk as part of the Metropolis in Radio Gdańsk (29.12)
  •     Concert of Choir (30.12)
  •     Hjartasteinn - film presentation (18.12)

The Metropolis Festival is financed by the City of Gdańsk.