01-14 04-05.2018

Exhibition "Look! Polish Picturebook!" in Copenhagen

Blågårdens Bibliotek, Denmark

Exhibition "Look! Polish Picturebook" continues its journey through Denmark.

The next stop: Copenhagen, Blågårdens Library
Vernissage: 14 March

In the programme:

14-15 March, the STØBERIET Cultural House, Copenhagen
Małgorzata Cackowska's lecture
workshops of illustrators - Aleksandra Cieślak and Marianna Oklejak

The exhibition is open from 14 March to 14 May 2018

LOOK! POLISH PICTUREBOOK! is a book and illustration exhibition (presenting the contexts of development of that discipline of art in designs by Polish artists and their most notable accomplishments) accompanied by workshops with the participation of illustrators and lectures on Polish book illustration from the 1950s till the present day.
The organiser will also publish a catalogue in English devoted to Polish picture books, presenting a brief history of Polish book illustration art, artistic profiles of the illustrators – both renowned and young-generation artists, as well as reproductions of the illustrations discussed.

The authors of the publication and exhibition concept are researchers and enthusiasts of book illustration: dr Małgorzata Cackowska from the Department of Education Philosophy and Culture Studies of the University of Gdańsk and Grażka Lange – graphic designer, book designer, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and creator of the publication's artwork. The text of the catalogue was written by dr Małgorzata Cackowska and dr Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna – Polish illustration art researcher and author of a book titled “Stacja ilustracja” (“Station illustration”) from the Art History Institute of the University of Wrocław.

Polish illustration art, including book illustration, is an art form experiencing a dynamic growth nowadays.
Polish artists have truly impressive achievements in that area. The eminent masters of illustration making a comeback these days, such as Józef Wilkoń or Bohdan Butenko, are being joined by a younger generation of illustrators who win awards in international competitions.

LOOK! POLISH PICTUREBOOK! is a project run by the Baltic Sea Culture Centre intended to present Polish books to international viewers as cleverly designed objects of beauty, deeply rooted in the tradition of good design, in which word and image are combined into a coherent message. We also wish to attract the attention of professional illustrators by showing the continuity and development of illustration art – the long tradition as well as achievements of contemporary artists.

Project run as part of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage