05-04 10-11.2018

Running with the wolves - exhibition of illustrations

The Old Town Hall

Running with the wolves - exhibition of illustrations (as part of the 13th Baltic Meeting of Illustrators)

Exhibition presents works by 25 artists from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. It was prepared especially for this year's International Book Fair in London, where the three Baltic States were invited as guests of honour.

At the request of curator Viive Noor, the artists whose works were gathered at the exhibition took up the motifs of a wolf and a werewolf. The concept of the exhibition was inspired by the traditional stories collected by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in the book Run with the wolves.

The wolf is an animal with strong meanings in European culture. It also gave birth to werewolves' legends, inspiring the creation of these mythical creatures. However, the werewolves we will see at the exhibition will not literally represent creatures found in ancient legends, where they were portrayed above all as people turning into wolves by the pact with the devil. Wolves and werewolves in the eyes of the artists become symbolic, they are a part of human nature, an image of the unspoken. In the presented illustrations werewolves are identified with vitality. Their background, but also the environment out of which they grew, is the virgin nature of the Baltic countries - deep forests, lake areas hidden in the woods, clearings that are present in many of the exhibited works. The illustrations were created using various techniques and are very stylistically diversed, in some of them the influence of local folk culture is visible, others are completely modern. Together they form a multi-coloured, oneiric world located in the Baltic Sea mythical forest and inhabited by fantastic creatures that will appeal to the imagination of both children and adults.

The exhibition is open daily from 5 October to 4 November 2018 (except 21 October), from 10.00 to 18.00.
Admission: free