Transforming Wałowy Square in Minecraft!

Gdansk: Transforming Wałowy Square in Minecraft! The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk started a series of workshops with pupils of the 4th grade of the elementary school nr 67 in Gdansk. The workshops focus on elements of urban space and the emotions they evoke. Next meeting will be devoted to mapping of those emotions in the Mincraft model of Wałowy

Square and propose changes of those elements that make the pupils sad or angry. In the process we have been helped by the psychologist Aleksandra Musielak and the architects Piotr and Elzbieta Marczak. The expert advice on Minecraft provided by Jan Paruszewski and Damian Szyszko.

The workshops within the gamification in cultural planning in the framework of the project UrbCulturalPlanning financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region.