As the cultural anthropologist Ewa Klekot claims: Objects have a "body" that undergoes changes over time, but they retain their identity through "biographies" that are created based on their "memory", i.e., traces left on their material form (individual memory) or in so-called "other sources" (social memory) [1].

The "Pomerania Online" series showcases the cultural diversity of the region by telling the story of the identity of selected items collected in Pomeranian museums. Every month, we take a look inside the display cases of institutions scattered across Kashubia, Kociewie, Żuławy, and Powiśle, and search their nooks and crannies for exhibits that might intrigue - be it their unusual form or a purpose not widely known - and inspire further cultural research.

Why "Pomerania Online"? Just as a fisherman catches a catch, so do we metaphorically net the most delicious manifestations of Pomeranian culture and share them, of course, online, i.e., on the internet.

[1] E. Klekot, Tożsamość rzeczy, „Kultura współczesna” 2008, no. 3, pp. 97-98.

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