The magnificent hall on the first floor of the Old Town Hall gained its current shape only in the 20th century when, after 1910, work was undertaken to restore the former glory of the building, neglected in the 19th century. At that time, the main stairs leading to the hall were made in historicizing forms, and the collection of valuable artifacts from the modernized Gdańsk tenement houses began within its interior.

Among them, the most valuable is the stone carved arcade on the north side of the interior and the painted ceiling. The ceiling, transferred from the house at Długa Street 39, consists of a set of nine paintings painted in the circle of Herman Han, an excellent Pomeranian painter of the early 17th century. The tripartite arcade, originating from the tenement house at Długa Street 45, is a typical fragment of the decor of the rich halls of Gdańsk. This magnificent work was created around 1560. It demonstrates the fascination of the Gdańsk citizens of the time with ancient culture and the achievements of Western European art.

The hall's furnishings are complemented by characteristic spiral staircases probably from the end of the 17th century and the Dutch wall tiles commonly used in Gdańsk interiors, known as "Delft tiles".

In the hall, there is also a figure of a king (perhaps St. Olaf?) originating from the headquarters of the shooter's guild, and it has been kept in the Town Hall since the last war. A few years ago, the original color scheme of this interior was restored.