03.09.2012 - 03.09.2012

Book promotion "Dzieje Żydów gdańskich"/ "History of Jews in Gdańsk"

Promotion of a book by Samuel Echt Dzieje Żydów gdańskich.

Samuel Echt
(1888-1974) was, among others, a  director and a teacher in Jewish schools and also an active participant of social life in The Free City of Gdańsk. In 1939 he co-organized transports of Jewish children to London (Kindertransport) and he also accompanied the children twice in this trips.

The author having wide access to American archives (Joint form example) and being in possession of documents copies form archives from Gdańsk wrote in fifties a large work Die Geschichte der Juden in Danzig,  published in 1972 in Germany.

Dzieje Żydów gdańskich
in translation of Wojciech Łygaś and under the factual redaction of Mieczysław Abramowicz is the one of the very first, as large, takes aiming to describe the history of Jews in Gdańsk from middle ages to Second World War.

The author has worked with source materials, using documents unreachable for other researchers and also using his own memories of the participant of the described events.

In our translation to his work ( which is what differs it from german original ) the book is enriched with:

- over a hundred illustrations, photographs, postcards, documents, letters and newspapers cuts
- index of sources
- afterword with a comment on Polish edition
- choice of literature on the subject (published in Hebrew, English, German and Polish)
- dictionary with over hundred definitions of terms, names, etc, relating to Jewish subject, concerning religion, social, political, cultural matters, compiled by Mieczysław Abramowicz.

Professor Grzegorz Berendt is reviewing the publication.

The beginning: 5 p.m.