10.09.2005 - 10.09.2005

Festival of cultures of the world "Window for the world" - The final concert

Artistic Director: Lawrence Okey Ugwu
Organizer: The Balic Sea Cultural Centre Gdańsk, Regional Government Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Vivodeship, City Departament in Gdynia, Radio Gdańsk S.A.

Gdynia – port city – widely open to the Word has always been a European city to the core. On the anniversary of twenty five years of the Agrement In July it is necessary to have a look once again at the meaning of the word „SOLIDARITY”. We would like to touch upon multiweft of the idea, based on the hormony of the outlook of life as well as atitudes and aspirations bringing about the feeling of contribution and responsibility. We must consider „SOLIDARITY” as an undivided activity in order to respekt different cultures, traditions and the outlook on life. The main assumption of the festival is to present the most interesting artistic productions, made by foreign artists living in Poland. In relation to the tradition and cultures of their countries, they enrich our Polish culture and point out brand new trends of its development.

10 September at 6 p.m. on the open air stage on the beach in the center of Gdynia (near by Cafe Contrast Club) - THE FINAL CONCERT: Twinkle Brothers, Trebunie Tutki, Jahiar Group, Tam Tam Project, Drum Freaks, Jose Torres Y Salsa Tropical, Ikenga Drummers.
During the break - performance of the Fire Theater 'eXodus'

  • Born in Teheran musician Jahir Azim Irani, who has been living in Poland from 1997. He is going to make a performance with Jahir Group,
  • Mamadou Diouf - djembist, vocalist from Senegal, living in Poland from 20 years, and he is going to perform with Tam Tam Project,
  • Jose Torres from Cuba - virtuoso of percussion instruments performing on a Polish stage from twenty years. He cooperates with many stars and he is a founder of the first in Poland salsa orchestra - Salsa Tropical,
  • Milo Kurtis - multiinstrumentalist - Greek living in Gdynia. He is going to perform with Drum Freaks band,
  • Ikenga Drummers with its initiator, coming from Nigeria - Larry Okey Ugwu.
  • Very special attraction there will be the performance of coming from London Jamajka group Twinkle Brothers who is going to come out on the stage with mountaineer group - Trebunie Tutki. These two bands met for the first time in 1991, when they came up with the idea of joining Jamaica rythms tradition, roots reggae with mountaineer's music. Their common record became the third album of tenth anniversary of World Charts Europe EBU.