12-26 09.2015

Think Tanks - The Baltic House Lab 2015

12th September | Saturday I 17:00 | Żabi Kruk - water tram stop

How to plan cities minding the needs of the elderly ? What to remember, how to plan work and who to cooperate with? Marta Obarska will tell about new technologies and tested ideas helping participation of older people in city’s activities.

Marta Obarska is a deputy redactor of Magazyn Miasta (City Magazine ), a culture anthropologist cooperating with Laboratorium EE – a technology company realizing social projects.


19th September | Saturday |  17:00  | Żabi Kruk - water tram stop
Entrepreneurship of cities and village areas 

This meeting will be devoted to entrepreneurship of cities and village areas in context of practices, chances and perspectives, similarities and differences. We will focus on three most important forms of activity : an individual business, a social company and a non-government organization in relation to the mentioned areas. We will try to find the answer to the question of the current situation of until recently forgotten idea of social cooperatives.

Anna Miazga: She works in developing entrepreneurship and social economy. She is a chairman of Kshubian Incubators of Entrepreneurship, an adviser for Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej in Gdańsk and Warsaw, where she took care over 70 organizations and social cooperatives.


26th September | Saturday | 5 p.m. | Żabi Kruk - water tram stop
Urban garden – cultivating participation

What is urban gardening ? Often it is seen as guerrilla action, interference in status quo, a form of happening or a protest against ill-organized space. However in times of fast changing cities, not enough recreation space, growing eco awareness as well as need to rebuilt feeling of community –urban gardens are becoming an alternative for regaining of urban space for citizens.

Barbara Tusk, an architect and urbanist is interested in the influence of urban planning on social behaviours and revitalisation of degraded areas. She coordinated a project aimed at local community “Open garden at shipyard”. She co-edits urban science review “Metropolitan”. She works at Developing Urban Space Department in Gdańsk.