02.03.2017 - 02.03.2017

Music and Computers - concert in the “New Music in the Old Town Hall” series

We invite you to this year's first concert in the series, “New Music in the Old Town Hall” series, titled:

Music and Computers

Electroacoustic music has always taken advantage of the latest technology. At the very beginning of the genre, the phase which we presented at the concert exactly one year ago, music was played using tape recorders and analogue equipment. The next concert in the series titled “New Music in the Old Town Hall” will present the emergence of computers in the world of music, which were used not only for playing pieces in recording studios, but also as musical instruments that could be played live. This is what Laptop Ensemble, an outstanding band specialising in playing computer music', is going to prove. You will have the opportunity to hear pieces composed by the members of the trio – Stanisław KrupowiczMarcin Bortnowski and Marcin Rupociński

Laptop Ensemble was set up in 2009 and made its debut the same year at the “Warsaw Autumn” festival. The main objective of the composers and members of the group was to use computers not only as interactive instruments, but also machines that can simulate intelligent human behaviour. This means that the computers in the group have to exchange information concerning the score and the necessary guidelines for its performance. The music pieces composed especially for the group sets these tasks for the computers (and performers) to fulfil.

Artistic coordination, production: Monika Łajming, Krzysztof OlczakDariusz Mazurowski.

Concert programme:

Stanisław Krupowicz Thus spoke Bosch  (1985) for tape
Performed by.: Stanisław Krupowicz – sound diffusion

Marcin Rupociński d’Coding John (2009) for computer trio
Performed by.: Laptop Ensemble – computer, electronic equipment

Stanisław Krupowicz A Lighter Shade of Grey (1992) for violin and computer
Performed by: Stanisław Krupowicz – computer, electronic equipment

Marcin Rupociński Break the Circuit (2017, first performance) for computer trio
Performed by: Laptop Ensemble – computer, electronic equipment

Marcin Bortnowski Four quartets for computer trio (2009) for computer trio
Performed by: Laptop Ensemble – computer, electronic equipment


Composers / Performing artists:

Laptop Ensemble: Marcin Bortnowski, Stanisław Krupowicz, Marcin Rupociński

Performing artists:

Przemysław Czekaj – violin

Dariusz Mazurowski – audio engineering, sound diffusion

Start: 07:00 p.m.
Tickets (PLN 5) available one hour before the concert. 

Baltic Sea Culture Centre
Polish Association for Electroacoustic Music
Department of Composition of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk