18.05.2017 - 19.05.2017

Baltic Audience Links

We invite you to join Baltic Audience Links meeting and discussion in The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. 
The theme for our Baltic Audience Links is Audience Development for Culture Organisations in Baltic Sea Region.

Baltic Audience Links is a new network project with a specific aim to widen and strengthen the existing networks: River//Cities (EU) and Access Europa (SE), giving them a clear Baltic dimension.

The project aims at connecting cultural actors around the Baltic Sea, strengthening the civil society and its organisations as well as developing and building, through culture, the BSR society’s identity, both at local and regional levels.The idea is to connect a network of organisations, institutions and experts working with local development, culture & social innovation and to look strategically at the audiences they connect with on everyday basis.

The aim is to contribute to complex common regional Baltic Sea cultural identity but also, on a macro level, to European identity.

One of the Baltic Audience Links aims is to complete a  research that focuses on developing a Baltic network of cultural actors that apply participatory approach in developing urban spaces and contributing into development of the local communities.
The result of the research will be an open and growing database (keeping technical solution as a future task) of cultural organisations in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, a toolbox of methods, principles and a set of cases in developing and supporting local networks through various cultural actions.

The research iconducted by Lithuanian partner, Laboratory for Urban Games and Research: Laimikis.Lt. According to the Laboratory one of the 'side effects' of the research is the emerging topic about the capacity of cultural actors in the Baltic states and the conditions of working in cultural sector, which could bring a useful debate about the changes needed in the management of the cultural sector in Lithuania and Latvia to sustain positive change that cultural organisations bring to the local communities.
The meeting in the Baltic sea Cultural Centre will be, among others, devoted to the presentation of  the research results as well as of good practices of cultural activists from Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Poland.
There will be also a workshop on “How to Widen Public Participation in the Urban Planning Context?” relating to the post-shipyard area.

The meeting will be conducted in English without translation.