silde FKŚ
25-28 07.2019

The Festival of Cultures “Window onto the World”


Herrings and coffee?!

Music and contemplation?!

Muslims and Jews?!

Let’s have a walk around the multicultural city of Gdańsk! We’ll visit places that show the diversity of our city – in each of them you’ll encounter a piece of the centuries-old tradition of Gdańsk.

Explore the beautiful interiors of the Mosque and New Synagogue. Find out which cuisine – Jewish, Arabic or Ukrainian – is most to your taste. Discover the intricacy of Ukrainian embroidery, write your name in Arabic and have a henna tattoo done. Brew a cup of aromatic coffee. Sing and dance. Discover the power of Hebrew letters and make your own amulet.

And in the evening? The evenings are reserved for music events! Come to St. John's Centre.  Take a seat in the audience and listen to music created by artists from all corners of the world.

The Festival of Cultures “Window onto the World” has been presenting the cultures and traditions of various nations living and creating in Poland. You can break up the walls by meeting “a stranger” so... let’s get to know each other!




25/07 Thursday
18:00 Lesja (UA)
20:00 Ikenga Drummers (PL/NG)

26/07 Friday
17:00 Brave Kids – music and dance show
19:00 Kurna Chata (PL)
21:00 HarMalek Orchestra (CZ)

27/07 Saturday
18:00 Madrugada (PL)
20:00 Irek Wojtczak PRL Quintet (PL)

28/07 Sunday
18:00 Przemek Strączek & Asian Strings Collective (PL/CHI/COL)
20:00 Morgane Ji (RE/FR)

Venue: St. John's Centre


25/07 Thursday, Association of Ukrainians in Poland, branch in Gdańsk
4A Aksamitna Street

12:00 White voice and Ukrainian song workshop run by Lesja Szulc info/registration

15:00 Presentation of Ukrainian embroidery info/registration

16:00 Culinary Ukraine – workshop run by Pierogi Lwowskie restaurant (Gdańsk Wrzeszcz) info/registration


26/07 Friday, Kino Kameralne Cafe
4 Lektykarska Street

15:00 Pre-release screening of the movie “Yuli” info/registration


27/07 Saturday, Mosque of the Muslim Religious Community
17A Abrahama Street

12:00 – Tour of the Mosque with the Imam – overview of Islam and the history of Muslims in Gdańsk info/registration

27/07 Saturday, Old Town Hall (Baltic Sea Culture Centre)
33/35 Korzenna Street

13:00 – Welcome; presentation of Arabic coffee making by Mhammad Fadel info/registration

13:30 – Workshop titled “Write your name in Arabic”, or discover the Arabic alphabet info/registration

14:30 – Henna painting – run by Katarzyna Marcinkiewicz info

15:30 – Arabic cuisine – workshop and tasting – run by Khalid Kerof (Morocco) info/registration


28/07 Sunday, New Synagogue in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
7 Partyzantów Street

12:00 – Jewish cuisine – lecture, workshop, presentation and tasting – run by Jakub Skrzypczak / Jewish-style herring info/registration

13:30 – Israeli dance workshop – run by Beata Krzywda info/registration

Photo by: Iwona Wojdowska

14:30 – Amulet writing art workshop – run by Jakub Skrzypczak info/registration