Bałtyckie Spotkania Ilustartorów
08.11.2019 - 02.12.2019

Baltic Meetings Illustrators

Lilian Brøgger (1950), Cato Thau-Jensen (1966) and Kamila Slocinska (1981) are three Danish illustrators brought together by a number of circumstances, including a shared studio, the master-student relationship and joint exhibitions.

The guests of this year's Baltic Meetings of Illustrators represent three generations. Their prolific output – more than 150 books illustrated by Lilian and 11 Kamila’s titles – presents not only consistent artistic attitudes, but also three sets of the artists’ preferred techniques. From the traditional ink drawing to digital media – these are the effects of continuous search for new styles.

The common features of the illustrations of our authors is not only the bold use of perspective (the world portrayed in their pictures can be strongly off-balance), scale (the characters sometimes boast enormous heads and tiny limbs) and aesthetics (a wonderfully beautiful ugliness!), but above all the courage to explore difficult topics. The Danish culture is not always hygge. The books illustrated by Brøgger, Thau-Jensen and Slocinska refer to complex and important problems faced by children (fear, lack of acceptance, being a social misfit, communication difficulties). On the other hand, they touch upon simple behaviours that are considered rude (well, we can all occasionally belch or fart, but why write a book about it?). The Danish illustrators go for truly childlike sincerity and liveliness of expression, which make their works highly intense and full of emotion.

The opportunity to meet three award-winning artists who gained recognition in their native country and abroad, to see their works and to hear about the intricacies of the creative process, the translation of words into image and the differences between the publishing market in Poland and Denmark is just one of the many attractions we offer. We will talk about easy topics and somewhat more difficult ones. We will touch upon taboo subjects and consider if  they still exist in Denmark. We invite visitors of all ages to this great festival of illustrated book!