07-13 09.2020

Gdańsk Pianists for the City

For the next time we will hear the alumni of the Gdańsk pianist school. The performers, students and graduates of the Musical Academy in Gdańsk, the professors and students of Gdańsk music schools and artists associasted with the city, will play for us online.


The idea of the festival is to stimulate the activity of the Gdańsk pianists community, its integration and promotion of the artists. The originator of the festival is Adrianna Wolf.



7th-13th September, online

5 concerts with performances of the musicians associated with the Musical Academy in Gdańsk, the local music schools and guests from Bydgoszcz and Kraków. We will hear the paticipants of the 18th Chopin Piano Contest. We will also hear this year's debitants. The finale of the evening will be the recital of prof. Piotr Słopecki.


The concerts will be broadcasted live from the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre headquarter, the Old Town Hall in Gdańsk.


Online broadcast: Festiwal Gdańscy Pianiści Miastu and Fundacja Kultury i Sztuki Virtuoso.


The detailed programme below.