10 10.2020

Jan Szczurek Big-Band

On 10th October, 2020, we will hear the Tricity jazz musicians. Live!

Jan Szczurek Big-Band will present their original material, with broad brass band and rhythm section. The band will also play jazz standards ("My Favorite Things"), as well as Polish songs of the mid-war time (e.g. "Jak trudno jest zapomnieć" by Henryk Wars, originally performed by Adam Aston). The music of Jan Szczurek Big-Band is diverse, ranging from swing, through dark, looped motives of their rhyhm section, to lively melodies with accompaniment of puzons, trumpets and saxophones. The concert will be completed by milder pieces with electric guitar.

Jan Szczurek Big-Band are:

Marcin Janek – tenor saxophone
Szymon Kowalik – tenor saxophone  
Marek Stępniak – alt saxophone
Rafał Jackiewicz – alt saxophone
Piotr Szlempo – trumpet
Filip Żółtowski – trumpet
Adam Skorczewski – trumpet
Mieczysław Musiał – puzon
Adam Jankowski – puzon
Karol Ruciński – electric guitar
Jan Szczurek – piano
Kacper Rutkowski – bass guitar
Piotr Brajewski – percussion

10.10.2020, 6 pm

Sala Mieszczańska, Ratusz Staromiejski, ul. Korzenna 33/35, Gdańsk

Tickets available at Interticket.

Purchase of a ticket is equal to accepting the safety regulations for the Covid 19 pandemic period. The visitors are asked to sign a health statement.