20.11.2020 - 18.02.2021

15. Baltic Meetings of Illustrators

Will the Baltic Sea stay with us?

We take Baltic Sea for granted. But this can change.

We need to seriously consider the effects of our actions, with polluting the Baltic Sea and its slow death. Will The Baltic Sea stay with us? Or will it gradually turn into a barren water with only bacterias and algae instead of seals and fish?

And if the sea dissappears completely, will its legens and mythical cretures also dissapear? What happens instead of walking on a beachsand, we will walk on microplastic that will surround a sea of death?

These visions haunt us, the citizens of the Baltic region. The artists express these fears in theier work and inspires us to reflect on the future of our sea.


Will the Baltic Sea stay with us?

It is the motto of this year's 15th Baltic Illustrators Meetup. Visit our exhibition, meet with the illustrators, take part in the workshops and go to the concert. For those who visit us, we prepared a special book surprise.


Our guests: Rasa Joni from Lithuania, Gundega Muzikante from Latvia,  Lucija Mrzliak from Estonia, Justyna Nyka from Norway and Joanna Czaplewska from Poland and many more.