12.11.2007 - 13.11.2007

Folklore resources of Kaszuby, Kociewie and Powiśle

Pomeranian forum of ethnographers, choreographers and musicologists.

A two-days meeting of experts on Pomeranian accompanied by concerts of folk bands from Kaszuby, Kociewie and Powiśle. Each day will be dedicated to one of the three regions. Presentations of traditional dances, rituals, songs, melodies, will lead to expert discussions. The forum is to result in creating the canon of folklore for each of the regions, which would later become the base for further research and allow people to take inspiration from Pomeranian folklore.
Our aim is to create a consultation centre, fully-equiped with audiovisual materials for everybody interested in folklore of Kaszuby, Kociewie and Powiśle.