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Listen to the Memory of Water podcast

Busy at home but still wanting to know what's new in European culture? Then listen to the Memory of Water Podcast! Memory of Water is a 2-year artistic project which explores the post-industrial...
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Urb Cultural Planning Roadmap is available!

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre is proud to present to present the Urb Cultural Planning Roadmap. The document is a summary of grood practices gathered in the course of the project. The document has...
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Tastes of Cultures: Tatar cuisine

Do you know the taste of cheburek? Have you ever tried chinkali? Do you know the recipe for delicious shakshuka? If you love food and culture, you can't miss cooking with Susanna! As part of...

GoG 15

Enter the Game of Gdansk!

Game of Gdansk has now a fully comprehensive site in English. This includes a special ready-to-play Prototype Game. The Game of Gdansk is a project carried out as part of Urb Cultural Planning. It...
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stARTer / Beethoven 250

Beethoven 250 is a concert celebrating composer’s 250th birthday. Performances are given by students of Gdansk primary and secondary music schools and Stanislaw Moniuszko Music Academy in Gdansk. The...

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Plastostwory - family workshop

You must know that the Baltic Sea is more and more polluted. But can you imagine a sea creature who became like the contamination surrounding him? That would be creepy... We will create such a monster...

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Pomorski Jazz online

Pomorski Jazz (Pomeranian Jazz) presents the most interesting and original jazz artists from the Pomeranian region in Poland. The festival started in 2015 and immediately gained recognition and its...