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Listen to the Memory of Water podcast

Busy at home but still wanting to know what's new in European culture? Then listen to the Memory of Water Podcast! Memory of Water is a 2-year artistic project which explores the post-industrial...
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Urb Cultural Planning Roadmap is available!

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre is proud to present to present the Urb Cultural Planning Roadmap. The document is a summary of grood practices gathered in the course of the project. The document has...
wianek z liści na jasnym tle, złote nożyczki, białe kwiaty 19
ogródek NCK - Ratusz Staromiejski

Flower Crown Workshop

Where: The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, garden – Korzenna st. 33/35, Gdańsk The summer solstice is thought as magical in many cultures. Living in harmony with nature plays huge part in these beliefs...

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NCK - Ratusz Staromiejski

Adam Kałduński Piano Recital

Frederic Chopin Society – Gdańsk Department and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre present Adam Kałduński piano recital. Adam Kałduński, participant of the 18th Frederic Chopin International Piano...

NCK / Ratusz Staromiejski / ul. Korzenna 33 / Gdańsk

New Music in the Old Town Hall / At the Break of Summer

Dear electroacoustic music amateurs! After a long break we return to the usual form of live meetings with the audience in the concert room. For there is no other way to experience music than live. The...

Portret L van Beethovena w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych 30
NCK - Ratusz Staromiejski

Beethoven 250th

Postponed for half a year and highly anticipated celebration of 250th birthday of Beethoven – the father of the EU anthem, the master of music of late classicism and early romanticism. This will be...

Ratusz Staromiejski / online

Nordic Talking Festival

Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury wraz z Fundacją Rozwoju Kultury „Art of Freedom”, Trolltunga – kursy norweskiego i Dallarna – kursy szwedzkiego zaprasza na czwartą edycję festiwalu miłośników Północy...

Ilustracja anioła wyszywającego swoje kapcie 13
NCK - Ratusz Staromiejski

Secret Lives / Sekretne Życie - EXHIBITION

Secret Lives / Sekretne Życie The exhibition presents the works of four worl acclaimed Estionian artiststs. Viive Noor, Kadi Kurema, Regina Lukk-Toompere and Urmas Viik introduce us to their secret...

Susanna 27
Online | YouTube i Facebook NCK

Tastes of Cultures: Tatar cuisine

Do you know the taste of cheburek? Have you ever tried chinkali? Do you know the recipe for delicious shakshuka? If you love food and culture, you can't miss cooking with Susanna! As part of...

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Enter the Game of Gdansk!

Game of Gdansk has now a fully comprehensive site in English. This includes a special ready-to-play Prototype Game. The Game of Gdansk is a project carried out as part of Urb Cultural Planning. It...