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The Old Town Hall, Korzenna 33/35 Gdansk

stARTer – concert

When: May 28, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Entrance: free Where: The Old Town Hall, Korzenna 33/35 During the event, students from second-level music schools in the Tri-City will present themselves. We will hear...

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BSCC - The Old Town Hall

Amplifying Culture for the Future of Europe: #AmplifyinAction campaign within the framework of Europe Day 2022

On May 9, Europe Day, civil society representatives, artists, activists, cultural workers and young people come together to make their voices heard by decision-makers. Now as the Conference on the...

On May 12, Jacaszek and Budzyński together with Jerzy Mazzol and Jakub Świątek will present songs from the album 'The Legend', which is an interpretation of the album of the band Armia from 1991.

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