24 05.2020

Action: Cultural Plague

Online: www.youtube.com/user/NCKGdansk

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre presents a series of concerts called Action “Cultural Plague”. Sunday evenings, three performances, talented creators and melodies which make positive energy come back in this tough time.

Visit our online concerts. Special sets from artists’ home, studio or garden by musicians not only from Tricity. Jazz, folk, electronics, improvisation music – with us you will feel like at an exclusive music festival.

That’s not all.

“Cultural Plague” is not only a fine musical entertainment. It also aims to educate and show how support is needed in the situation that was caused by COVID-19. Every weekend we promote a different fundraise supporting one of the important sectors: culture, society, healthcare and ecology. This enables our you, the audience, to have impact on battling the coronavirus, and other unexpected events.

24th and 31th May we suport #GdańskPomaga (Gdańsk Helps). Let's battle the coronavirus together! The action aims to suport people and institutions which experienced the economical effects of the pandemic. The money raised in this action will go to local foundations, hospitals, social care communities, schools as well as students. Since the beginning of the raise the beneficients received PPE (medical barier aprons, masks, gloves) and PCs enabling students learn online. On the website https://gdanskpomaga.pl/ both those in need and those who want to share can leave their messages. #GdańskPomaga is an initiative by the City of Gdańsk, Fundacja Gdańska, Międzynarodowych Targów Gdańskich S.A., Stadion Energa Gdańsk and Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu w Gdańsku.


On Sunday 24th May you will see and hear:

19.00 Zagan Acoustic

19.30 CrewKruLove

20.00 PolskiPiach


The performances will be available on BSCC’s Youtube Channel.


Zagan Acoustic

The group summarises just a five-year art work, which culminates in the album, 3:1. Despite the presence of short boards on the market She was presented by the Polish Radio 2 and was album of the week on Radio Niepokalanów. In 2011. making the team were recognized by the Marshal of the Pomeranian - "Pomeranian Artistic Hope." During the concert the audience can listen to original compositions the band - inspired many musical genres. Sailing on the different conventions Zagan Acoustic musicians represent such tango, jazz and folk.

Paweł Zagańczyk - accordeon

Joachim Łuczak - violin

Ignacy Wendt - trumpet

Jarosław Stokowski - bass



A music duo. They do a pure transmission of auditive love straight into your longing for good beats hearts. In bpm from 165 to 175, they will bring you all together from all parallel universes to this one, where you will be conscious and awaken like never before. In more ambient sets they make you travel across the galaxies with their guidance to discover other civilisations. If you bump on them in a rave flow, you won't be able to get out of the dance trance and pure musica extasy!

Their debut EP will come out soon.


Polski Piach

An uderground project started by Patryk Zakrocki. It takes inspiration from old blues and desert trance and develops its own idiom through home landscape, nature of Polish rivers, clouded sky.

The project examins similarities between sands of deltas of Missisipi, Sahara and Wisła banks. 

Patryk Wydmo Zakrocki - small acoustic guitar

Piotr Mełech - bass clarnet



Let’s stay positive and be contagious only with our love to culture!