27 05.2020

Vilnius Urban Lab online


Discussion panels, meeting with practicioners, communities leaders and artists. Urb Cultural Planning opens its international Urban Lab for all those interested in the subject. All you need to do is register!


Urb Cultural Planning is an international project aiming to revive forgotten parts of European municipalities. As a member, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre contributes to the project on many levels – e.g. by working on gamification of Stare Przedmieście in Gdańsk.

UCP has several stages. An important part of the whole process is continuous communication between the partners. This includes seminars, conferences and labs. Up until now, to take part in these events, you had to travel. Now, thanks to online formula, we invite you all to join! Registration deadline is 22nd May. All you need to do is follow the instructions in this link. You will also find the event’s agenda there.

Join! See you on 27th May “in Vilnus”!