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17.03.2021 - 09.05.2021

„Kaleidoscope of impressions" painting, drawing and linocut exhibition

Joint exhibition of Joanna Nurowskia, Marianna Jagoda and Bogna Klaman-Tarnowska.

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The three artists studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and met in linocut workshop. 

Like in the eponymous kaleidoscope, the artistic paths of the artists meet and create unexpected patterns. This is the inspiration for this exhibition. The artists, though of different artistic paths, are connected by love for colour and illustrative form.

I enjoy making linocut, mainly in colour. The colour is important for me, it excites me and still amuses me. My works illustrate my experience, my stories. Very personal, but probably universal too, like motherhood.

Joanna Nurowska


I paint inspired by nature. I try to stop what is not entirely described. My painting is often described as abstractionist. In fact, I creare realistic scenes out of abstract pieces. My impulse to take interest in reality is usually colour. It is the set of colours poke me and provoke to paint them.

Bogna Klaman-Tarnowska


I think this is why I became illustrator, to combine my two passions:

love for literature and joy of painting. I like to join watercolor with tempera

and crayon, sometimes I design via software.

I love to get dirty in colours, especially blues and greens.

I am inspired by literature, but I also like to tell stories: sometimes I introduce a a new hero;

sometimes a painted bird will fly from one story to another...

Marianna Jagoda


Due to lockdown of cultural institutions in Poland, until 11th April 2021 the exhibition can be viewed only from the Gallery's windows from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm