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13.05.2021 - 04.07.2021

Secret Lives / Sekretne Życie - EXHIBITION

Secret Lives / Sekretne Życie

The exhibition presents the works of four worl acclaimed Estionian artiststs.

Viive Noor, Kadi Kurema, Regina Lukk-Toompere and Urmas Viik introduce us to their secret world of fairy tale, inspired by Estionian myths, wildlife and world literature. We will see the characters of Grimm's, Andersen's and Lewis Carroll's fairy tales, get to know the Estonian stories, jokes and proverbs, admire the big-winged Angels from Urmasa Viika island and the subtle female characters will guide us through the secret, surreal world of Viive Noor, the exhibition curator.

The befriended artists work in various fields of art: illustration, book graphic design, painting, photography, object and miniatures design. Yet, they participate in projects together. The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre presendted their works on the following exhibitions: „It's Always Tea-Time”, „Dawno, dawno, temu…” ("Long, Long Time Ago...") and „Biegnąc z wilkami” ("Running with the Wolves").

The exhibition consisting of over 60 works has previously been presented in France (Paris, Strasburg), Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) and Belarus (Minsk). In Poland, it has been presented in Warsaw, Płock, Cracow and Szczecin.



The exhibition is organised with association to the Estonian Embassy in Warsaw.