24.05.2021 - 04.06.2021

Nordic Talking Festival

Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury wraz z Fundacją Rozwoju Kultury „Art of Freedom”, Trolltunga – kursy norweskiego i Dallarna – kursy szwedzkiego zaprasza na czwartą edycję festiwalu miłośników Północy Nordic Talking Festival. W tym roku wydarzenie będzie miało formułę hybrydową.

Nordic Talking is an all-year project connecting fans of nordic countries - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Findland and Iceland. It's a platform organising meetings, discussions and interactive events held on Facebook and Instagram. We talk about problems of Polish people living in those countries, traveling to the most interesting destinations, culture and lifestyle of the North. 

The summary of the all-year's initiatives is Nordic Talking Festival, a celebration of the northern culture. Just like last year, the meetings will be held online. But we're adding a hybryd formula  – on relaxation workshops we will meet live.

The theme of the 2021 edition is mental well-being

For years, the Nordic countries have been placed on top of the rankings of the happiest societies in the world. The theme of this year's Nordic Talking Festival are the nordic ways to mental health and well-being.



24-28th May 2021 workshops 

29-30 maja 2021 onilne meetings with guests from Nordic countries. 

Panels in English:

29th May:

🔹11.30 - 12.30 GMT +2 Sheep Islands not so green? Farer trash problem. A talk with Rudda Føroyar members. Hosts: Łukasz Lach, Marcin Michalski (English with translation into Polish)

🔹  13.00 -14.00 GMT + 2 Nature and art is the key to well-being. A talk with Sami artist May-Linn Aaslie (Norway) Host: Magdalena Szczepańska (English with translation into Polish)


30th May:

🔸 16.30 – 17.30 GMT + 2 Are you surrounded by idiots? Learn how to live with them in harmony. A talk with Thomas Erikson (Sweden). Host: Wiktor Jodłowski (English with translation into Polish)



The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre / Nordic Talking Facebook channels



langauge workshops online (in Polish)

relaxing workshops live 

Complete agenda under this link.