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21.08.2021 - 21.08.2021

Tradition and Tastes Fair Karznica Fair

Venue: Karznica, gmina Potęgowo

For those searching for beautiful places in the region, for amateurs of natural products and those who long for careless rustic vacation. The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre presents open air Potęgowo Tradition and Tastes Fair.



The open air festival organised by Potęgowo will take place in the courtyard of the Local Product Promotion Centre in Karznica. The main attraction of the event will be fish: the daredevils will participate in best fish dish competition while the less daring ones will watch culinary show with combined with tasting. Fish is also the hero of workshop and animation for children. Finally, local music bands will perform on stage. 


Fair is important part of the event. Local honey, jams, breads, meat, cheese, liquors and other handcrafted products will be available to taste and buy. Among food, there will be local artisanal stands.

Monthly markets in Karznica is a specialty of the Local Product Promotion Centre and an opportunity to shop for tasty and healthy food straight from local producers.


Have you heard of megaliths – constructions older that the Egyptian pyramids? Have you heard of old Slavic Settlement Runowo? Of local palaces and old mills? And the thrilling kayaking on Łupawa river?

Potęgowo is situated in beautiful area with clean air. There are plenty of attractions. Visit the Fb website to check for the latest events in the area (


Organisers: Urząd Gminy Potęgowo, Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Potęgowie, Centrum Promocji Produktu Lokalnego w Karznicy.

Project co-founded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund as part of 4 priorority „Increasing employment and territorial coherence” of the Operational Programme “Fisheries and Maritime”.



from Słupsk (23 km) – by S6 road

from Lębork (30 km) – S6 road

from Bytów (45 km) – roads DW 212 and 211 (via Czarna Dąbrówka)

from Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) (approx. 100 km) – S6 road

Karznica (Pomorskie, Potęgowo County) is situated 6 km away from S6 road The centre can easily be found on Google Maps.