Portret mężczyzny w okularach w ciemnym pokoju
13.11.2021 - 13.11.2021

My Library | Meeting with Michał Rusinek

Venue: Old Town Hall and Baltic Sea Cultural Centre's FB

Start: 5.00 pm CET

Admission: free


- Main feature of character?
- Workoholism.
- Features I seek in men?
- Sense of humor.
- Features I seek in women?
- Sense of humor.
- What do I value the most in friends?
- Compliance.
- My main vice?
- I think I have undiagnosed ADHD
- My favourite thing to do?
- Writing, reading. It's basically the same action.
- My dream of happiness?
- I don't dream of happiness. I think I received so much from fate that I don't have a cause to dream about anything.
- What causes my obsessive anxousness?
- That something could happen to my children.
- What would be the biggest misfortune for me?
- That something would happen to them.
- Who or what would I be if I wasn't who I am?
-  It's hard to imagine myself as someone else. Long time ago I wanted to become a driver of a large Americam truck. 
- When do I lie?
- When I don't want to hurt other people.
- Words I overuse?
- „In fact”. In fact, I overuse it.
- Favourite literary character?
- Eeyore from „Winnie the Pooh”.
Fragment of Michał Rusinek's Proust's Questionnaire - a popular game with the same questions asked to different people - translated from Polish. The rest of the interview with in Polish: https://www.czczaplinski.com/.../portret-z-histori%C4%85...
Michał Rusinek, poet and long time personal secretary of Wisława Szymborska, Polish Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, will tak abuot his favourite books.
The meeting will be hosted by Dorota Karaś - journalist and non-fiction writer.