lisi urok. lisi duch
16.04.2023 - 20.06.2023

Fox spirit. Fox charm - exhibition

When: from 16th April to 20th June
Entrance: free
Opening: 15th April, 17.00 pm
Where: Old Town Hall, Korzenna 33/35 Strett

In China and Japan, everybody has heard of the werefox. This spirit creature is an inseparable part of their culture, just as fairies are in the European culture. Loved and feared, evil and good, seductive and vengeful, loving and protecting, faithful and betraying, spiteful and noble, aged a thousand years and more. A shapeshifting spirit-being who has the ability to appear to us as a divinely charming maiden, a finely educated scholar or an ordinary wild fox. It can suck out a human’s life juices, push them to the verge of death and go looking for a new victim. Or become a
faithful and good spirit who protects you against evil people, offers heavenly joys and is a conversation partner who uplifts your soul. The celestial fox has nine tails and knows the deepest secrets of the world, the secrets hidden in alternation between the male and the female form.

In Europe, the werefox is still a relatively unknown phenomenon and mainly belongs to the world of educated people. It must not be confused with our werewolf. Our exhibition tries to reflect on how this divine creature is seen, understood and perceived by the people who do not belong to the Oriental culture, on how a person from the West imagines it. Each artists regards things of the world differently, but here the difference of cultures also plays a role. Maybe the Chinese and the Japanese will look at these pictures with a smile, but we hope it is a benevolent one.

Viive Noor, exhibition curator

Wydarzenie odbędzie się z udziałem fotografa i/lub ekipy filmowej, którzy zrealizują reportaż w celach dokumentacyjnych i promocyjnych. Uczestnictwo w wydarzeniach oznacza zgodę na wykorzystanie wizerunku do ww celów.