grafika promująca koncert nanook of the north

Nanook of the North - concert

Nanook of the North
April 28, 2023
time. 19.00
Center of St. Jana in Gdańsk

The band will present their latest album "Heide" for the first time in Gdańsk, for the first time in full line-up.

Piotr Kaliński, an electronic music producer, and Stefan Wesołowski, a violinist and composer belonging to the main representatives of the modern classical trend, are the core of the Nanook of the North band. The artists invited the mezzo-soprano, Margarita Slepakova, to produce the new album.

Together they created a conscious record that speaks its own language. Soundscapes full of reverberations give a sense of unreality, bring you into a hypnotic, meditative state. On the one hand, the songs evoke images of extraordinary nature, its primitiveness, wildness, unbridledness, and on the other hand, they strike with the melancholy typical of Wesołowski. Margarita's voice sometimes evokes anxiety, other times it soothes the sensations.

An additional attraction of the concert will be a piece presented by Stefan Wesołowski. A piece for baroque organ, commissioned by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre.

A beautiful musical adventure awaits us. In a former church in Gdańsk, composed by Gdańsk musicians, inspired by the Pomeranian nature.

Wydarzenie odbędzie się z udziałem fotografa i/lub ekipy filmowej, którzy zrealizują reportaż w celach dokumentacyjnych i promocyjnych. Uczestnictwo w wydarzeniach oznacza zgodę na wykorzystanie wizerunku do ww celów.