IT in Game of Gdansk: it’s easy!

Game of Gdansk enables teachers to carry out really interesting classes. It’s two in one – basic programming and interactive Gdańsk history teaching. Thanks to our video tutorials it can be done by any teacher. Not just the computer science one.

Game of Gdansk is a game about Stare Przedmieście, a historical district of Gdańsk. It was conceived in a form of gamebook – an interactive story. The game is enriched with graphic elements of the cult Minecraft. The fun in the game is not just about playing, but mostly about making your own game.

This is possible thanks to Twine. This open source device is available in the net for free. You can use it both ways, by downloading the software or using it online. To start, you need to go to “Twine” bookmark of Next, step by step, you will go through all the bookmarks (Introduction, Links, Text styles, Graphics, etc.). Following the tutorials, the teacher can implement the plot conceived by the students.

Tomasz Fedak, our IT specialist who co-created Game of Gdansk and profesionally a CS teacher in one of primary schools in Gdańsk, carried out the pilot workshop with children. He says the most challenging part of making the game is creating an original storyline. The technical side is clarified and presented on examples:

– Twine enables to implement a story into the game very easily. At the end of the process, our narrative turns into a website. We prepared the tutorials in such way that everyone could create their own gamebook from scratch. I myself carried out such classes with my students. The children are eager to work very independently. I am there to support their self-development.

All materials: Twine tutorials and the repository with history sources were created especially for you – teachers of different courses on different educational levels. We invite all local schools to the game! The teachers are encouraged to use hashtags #Gameofgdansk and #nckgdansk to share the effects of their work.


Game of Gdańsk is part of the Urb Cultural Planning project.