01-30 06.2019

Wooden Toy Stories

A wonderful cross-generational exhibition. Smelling of forest and resin, with vivid colours catching the eye, our exhibition presents many colourful pieces of folk art created by old and contemporary artists. From mobile toys engaging the visitors, through tiny figures of people and animals to a variety of musical instruments, including burczybas, puzówka, terkotka, ryńczyk, bazuna, pipes and “angel’s” violin.  

Each toy has a history – some were made by children and their parents, others by local artisans or folk artists from the Pomeranian region, such as Józef Chełmowski, Irena Brzeska, Zygmunt Kędzierski or Wojciech Wesserling. 

The young visitors can put some of the toys to the test, using the replicas of old exhibits made especially for our exhibition. 

Arranged to resemble a stage set, the exhibition presents the close and important ties between folk art and nature, with Wojsław Brydak’s photographs showing sweeping panoramas of Kashubian landscapes and carefully framed close-ups of moss-covered tree trunks, and the toys placed on wooden structures made of branches of different tree species. 

Folk art sometimes makes us think of relics of the past crowded in display cases in museums or contemporary souvenirs, mass-produced for tourists. The exhibits displayed here prove that folk art can be vibrant and inspiring. 


The exhibition is open daily: 10.00 - 18.00

Admission: free