11.08.2020 - 30.08.2020

Artistic Totem - Aleksander Widyński, fiber art exhibition

My art circulates around the fundamental question: can a human being, with all its diversity, be transcribed into a barcode? Can we describe human's, artist's existence, with a system of seemingly random bars and numbers? In this code, I enclose afirmation of life, passing by, its existencial sense of each one of us. - says Aleksander Widyński, the artist.

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre invites for his exhibition, "Artistic Totem".


The exhibition aims to find the relationship between freedom of art and social context of Covid 19 pandemic. Limitation of social interractions, causing stress and anxiety, spending most of our time at home gives space for revaluation our life. And, how this unusual situation influences the act of creation and artist's personal freedom?



In 1981-1986, he studied painting and graphic design at PWSSP in Gdańsk. He runs the workshop of the Fiber Art at Art Academy in Gdańsk. He works with print fiber, graphics and exhibitions. He attended many fiber art workshops, including Lisi Jar and Osterhölz-Scharmbeck. He exhibited his art in Poland, Australia and China. 


the exhibition is open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

WHERE: Old Town Hall, Korzenna 33/35 str., Gdańsk