Warsztaty plastostowy 15 bsi
05.01.2021 - 05.01.2021

Plastostwory - family workshop

You must know that the Baltic Sea is more and more polluted. But can you imagine a sea creature who became like the contamination surrounding him? That would be creepy...

We will create such a monster with the use of dough, plastic bottles and bottle tops and hope it will live only in our imaginations.


We will need:

1 glass flour

½ glass fine-grained salt

1 teaspoon of lemon acid

1 glass of boiling water (Watch out! On this stage you will need the guidance of an adult)

1 bowl

1 table spoon

1 plastic bottle with top




10.00-11.30 am CET – GROUP 1

17.00-18.30 pm CET – GROUP 2


The workshop will be in Polish language. The link to Zoom platform will be sent one day before the event.