Metropolia jest Okey

United efforts of artists from Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Accumulated power of music, dance, theatre and literature. The best clubs in the Tricity, dozens of concerts, meetings, performances of independent dance theatres – the festival exists not only to promote the notion of ‘metropolis’, but, above all, also to promote the joy of cooperation and all its positive energy.

For a few December days, somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, local music-theatre spheres combine their impressive potential: afternoons, evenings and nights become the territory of artists. Every day another city of the metropolis becomes a host for around fifteen performers. The festival does not establish any fixed genre boundaries, does not classify artists – we are liberal enough to make jazz meet reggae, to confront experimental music with sung poetry, or indie rock with ska.

It is here that artistic energy matters more than anything else – this positive energy is easily shared by the artists and the audience.