"Window onto the World" World Culture Festival

The idea appeared together with the Managing Director of BSCC, Larry Okey Ugwu, and it was first brought into life in September 2005. The greatest and the most influential BSCC festival -

Window onto the World - is a space for artists of different cultures to meet the Tricity audience, a festival of international fusion whose primary aim is to promote tolerance, mutual respect, interest in "otherness" and in all the remote and still not easily understandable phenomena.

“Dialogue” is, basically, a key term to the whole festival - all activities: concerts, workshops, meetings, presentations, film screenings and various interdisciplinary projects are aimed at stimulating interaction. Our objective for the festival is to amaze the audience to the very limits by confronting different cultures and by juxtaposing dissimilar genres and forms.

Our efforts have been appreciated by the European Union - "Window onto the World" was included in Polish celebration of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2008.

Every year the festival includes, in its final part, in October, a debate "Window onto the World".

It is this debate that, by means of direct, intensive meetings with experts, scientists, intellectuals, travelers, and journalists, helps to discuss in greater detail the issues raised during the festival. It inspires not only the hearts but also the minds of its participants. The varied issues discussed so far include:

  • “Poles-Russians –Mutual Relations”;
  • “An encounter” as one of the leitmotifs in the artistic work of Ryszard Kapuściński and, at the same time, a metaphor, which helps to look at the reporter's work from literary, sociological, anthropological, journalistic and a reader’s points of view;
  • The problem of assimilation of people who are alien due to cultural or social differences and who want to, however, retain their identities.

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6th Festival of World Cultures "Window onto the World" 2010
7th Festival of World Cultures "Window onto the World" 2011 [within the programme of the Polish Presidency in EU]


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