19 09.2020

St. John's A-New | Agnieszka Stulgińska

An extraordinary concert. The local and international musicians will perform a piece by a young Polish composer, Agnieszka Stulgińska (Polichromie Świętojańskie - organs, cameral orchestra and singing band). The piece has been requested especially for this concert.

The music will join the aesthetics of modern music with historical value, shown both in the subject (old Polish songs on the life of St. John) and the music (traditional monody singers band).


WHERE AND WHEN: St. John's Centre, Świętojańska str. 50, Gdańsk, 6.00 pm


Andrzej Szadejko – organs

Adam Strug and singing band Monodia Polska

Cameral orchestra created especially for this project, with musicians of NeoQuartet and BalticAlians

Percussion: Łukasz Maciejewski

Historic wind instruments:

Flutes: Maja Miro Wiśniewska, Natalia Wojdyła

Oboes: Katarzyna Czubek, Katarzyna Pilipiuk

Bassoon: Beniamin Lewi

French horn: Milena Tobor

Trumpets: Paweł Hulisz, Piotr Kowalkowski

Conductor: Rafał Janiak

Key word: Konrad Mielnik


Tickets 30 PLN (regular), 20 PLN (discount) available at www.interticket.pl

Purchase of a ticket is equal to accepting the safety regulations for the Covid 19 pandemic period.