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08.10.2021 - 10.10.2021

Female Creators on Their Own. Autumn edition of Window onto the World Festival

Venue: Old Town Hall, Korzenna str. 33/35 and online FB BSCC (NCK) 


The event is taking place in sanitary regime. Participants must wear masks.


Woman creator -  woman in art, woman-artist. These two words are inseparably connected. In our guests lives, art is part of their daily routine. TwórczyNIE u siebie are three days of meetings with women who show their experiences through art and writing, face the past of Poland – their own country, and their personal herstories. We will talk about the feminine strength, influence of social anxieties on creating process, searching for inspiration in Baltic countries’ cultures as well as finding your way in a totally different society. On tough decisions, ordinary life, struggling with everyday problems and a sense of belonging. Three days of inspiring talks, workshops and discussions.

The meetings will be held in Polish language. They will be both live and streamed online. The recordings of the meetings will have Polish descriptions later.

Our guests are:

Joanna Bator, Polish writer, publicist, columnist, laureate of Nike Literary Prize for her novel „Ciemno, prawie noc” („Dark, Almost Night”). Member of the jury of the international Ryszard Kapuściński Prize. Her PhD thesis dedicated to philosophical aspects of feminist theory and discussions the feminists led with psychoanalisis and postmodernism was one of the first of this kind in Poland.

Marta Frej, painter, illustrator, cultural animator, author of memes. Laureate of Onet’s Cultural Award “O!lśnienia” for giving artisting range to memes, for strong, contemporary feminist art in the internet that has a huge impact.

Wanda Hagedorn, author of graphic novels, such the autobiographical „Totalnie nie nostalgia. Memuar” („Totally Not Nostalgy. A Memoir”) – a book on women who fight for their own space in family and society, on subordinate mother struggling for her independence, on emancipated grandmother and sisters who deal with patriarchal oppression.

Katarzyna Tubylewicz, writer, translator, journalist and cultural scientist. Long time head of Polish Institute in Stockholm and cultural attaché in Polish Embassy in Stockholm. As she often says, her freelance job and close proximity of Sweden and Poland enabled her to lead a “double life” for decades without really feeling like an immigrant. She visits Poland whenever she can and invites her Polish friends to Sweden. She never felt cut off her Polish roots, although her two novels treat on migrant experience.

Ilona Wiśniewska, reporter, photographer, author of travel books, Woman of the Year 2015 of the portal. She writes non-fiction stories from the northern Norway where she lives.

Our only male voice is Jacek Frąś, author of drawings to the autobiographical novel by Wanda Hageforn “Totalnie nie nostalgia. Memuar” („Totally Not Nostalgy. A Memoir”). He will share his experience of co-creating a book so personal for the female artist.



Fr., 8th Oct. 2021

Baltic Sea Cultural Centre – Old Town Hall and


5:00-6:15 pm - „Gorzko, gorzko” („Bitterly, Bitter”) – a talk with z Joanna Bator – online meeting

Host: Dorota Karaś 

18:30-19:45 - „Totalnie nie nostalgia” („Totally Not Nostalgy”) – graphic novel, a talk with Wanda Hagedorn and Jacek Frąś – online meeting

Host: Przemysław Zawrotny


Sat., 9th Oct. 2021

BSCC – Old Town Hall and


10:00 am -1:00 pm – comic workshop with Jacek Frąś  p. 1

Tickets: 15 PLN available at

PersepolisMausWeź się w garśćZaduszkiMarzi series, works of Alison Bechdel and many more. Graphic novels have been a valuable and fascinating medium presenting stories. Autobiographies and biographies, showing social background – that is what we can find in comic books. Two days workshop with an illustrator and comic writer Jacek Frąś will be an opportunity to share experiences, create your own story and transforming it in a graphic form. Lack of drawing skills is not an obstacle!

Age group: young adults.


3:00-4:15 pm – Socially involved memes. A talk with Marta Frej

Host: Przemysław Zawrotny


4:30-5:45 pm – Polish-Swedish portait, a talk with Katarzyna Tubylewicz

Host: Hanna Łozowska


6:00-7:15 pm – Far, far away in the North. A talk with Ilona Wiśniewska – online meeting

Host: Hanna Łozowska


Sun, 10th Oct. 2021

BSCC – Old Town Hall and


10:00 am – 1:00 pm – comic workshop with Jacek Frąś, p. 2


4:00-5:30 pm – Women creators on their own

A discussion with Marta Frej, Wanda Hagedorn, Katarzyna Tubylewicz, Ilona Wiśniewska – online meeting

Host: Joanna Borowik-Hołubowicz

The participants of the discussion work in different fields of culture and have different life experiences. What they have in common are their beginnings – each of them initially carried our her projects in Poland. The discussion will be an opportunity to exchange reflections on growth possibilities for a female artist in Poland, impact of social anxieties on creating their pieces and searching for inspiration from Baltic Sea countries. We will also touch the topic of finding your own new way as a migrant in a totally different society. Perhaps we will find out why our guests decided to leave and work outside of Poland?


6:15 pm – film screening: Woman at War, dir. Benedikt Erlingsson, Iceland 2018 (Icelandic language, Polish subtitles)

Tickets: 5 PLN available at

Limited number of seats.


The event is organised as the autumn edition of Cultures Festival „Windom onto the World”.

Co-funded by the City of Gdańsk