METROPOLIA is OKEY in Radio Gdańsk. Olko.m.trio - concert

Where: Radio Gdańsk, Grunwaldzka 18

When: 15.05.2022, 20:05

Entrance: invitations to be obtained during the broadcast on Radio Gdańsk

Metropolia is Okey in Radio Gdańsk is a series of musical presentations of the most interesting bands from the Tri-City. The concerts take place from April to November on the last Sunday of the month.

Olko.m.trio is a Tri-City band with an unconventional convention and intergalactic spheres of experience. We will hear inspirations by jazz harmony, extensive improvised parts, as well as a passion for stronger expressions of the message, film and classical music. The band's leader and composer is pianist Aleksandra Mularczyk (olko.m).

Olko.M - piano
Konrad Żołnierek - bass guitar
Adam Golicki - drums
The premiere of the debut album "True" took place in 2021.