praca graficzna Mariana Kołodzieja, przedstawiająca autora wraz z żoną Haliną Słojewską
10.12.2021 - 10.01.2022

Marian Kołodziej. Satirical drawings

Venue: BSCC – Old Town Hall


5:00 pm – evening of memories with: prof. Józef Borzyszkowski, Krzysztof Gordon, Małgorzata Abramowicz, Krzysztof Niedałtowski and audience
6:30 pm – vernissage

Exhibition open: daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Admission: free

100th anniverary of Marian Kołodziej’s birth is an opportunity to sum up the work of the Tricity artist. This includes his theatrical scenography, pope altars (1987, 1999) and most of all – the thrilling exhibition called “Klisze pamięci. Labirynty” covering his memories from Auschwitz death camp. Marian Kołodziej was an extraordinary artist who received the title of Honorary Citizen of Gdańsk.

The meeting is an open invitation for a talk on Marian Kołodziej and his corageous work.

Human being as a piece of art is a reality constantly recognisable and close to the audience. There is a cause for which the exhibitions of his portraits strongly resonate socially. So it was with Kołodziej’s exhibitions as his works ridicule the public figures. We want to know who we are. We need constant confirmation of our own image confronted with the image of the others. This is the opportunity that Kołodziej gives us. He leaves a mirror in which we can see ourselves. He asks: “Did you find yourself here? Choose your spot. Look straight in the eyes and smile.”

Zofia Tomczyk-Watrak


Partners: Małgorzata Abramowicz(National Museum), Elżbieta Pękała, Ars Sine Qua Non foundation situated in Sopot