The River//Cities Platform has been formalised

The River//Cities Platform has now been formalised. Four members of the steering group, Impact Foundation, Intercult, Citta d’Acqua and NGO ArtTravel met during two intensive days in Warsaw to finalise the formalisation procedure. The papers were signed on the 25th of October 2010. The new River//Cities Platform Foundation will keep its current steering group for the duration of the current mandate. The new board will be elected and presented during the next Annual General Meeting in the Spring of 2011.

The River//Cities Platform has also launched its new website. Here you can find information about River//Cities partners, activities and informative content, including many images and films made in partner cities. The new website and its updated content were made possible by generous support from the European Cultural Foundation, which gave the Platform further opportunity to continue its evolution and reach the point of formalisation.
During 2009-2010 the River//Cities Platform has extended its membership to include 31 organisations from 20 countries. Members of the Platform range from cultural operators, artists, architects, research units, universities and local council representatives. The Platform will continue its efforts to promote revitalisation and the sustainable development of rivers and waterfronts as public spaces for culture.
If you are interested in finding out more about the River//Cities Platform, and would like to join us, please go to the website: www.river-cities.net and get inspired and connected. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding and become part of one of Europe’s few transversal networks.

To get in touch with us, contact the River//Cities coordinator Agnieszka Wlazel, awlazel@river-cities.net

The River//Cities Platform is a partnership between cultural, environmental and political initiatives which work in their cities to interact with and develop their rivers or waterfronts as cultural spaces.
It is a network for the international exchange of ideas, projects, experiences, and expertise.
The River//Cities Platform is about dialogue, about creative synergies that develop through our common interests and dedication to the river as a meeting place, a cultural space, and as a symbol for the evolution of a city.